Product Dev


The thousands of varieties of herbs known to have efficacious potentials for humans are continuously being expanded in number and variety. Further, the current and potential applications of herbs stretch into broader areas, as practitioners and scientists discover new ways to alleviate suffering and tone the body.SidoMuncul continues to examine the potential of new products, within the organization and in cooperation with its allies and business partners worldwide. The Company is always ready to pursue interesting leads in new product development directions.

Overseas Production

The new respect and interest in Eastern natural tonics and healing has inspired SidoMuncul to open negotiations with new partners in European and American markets. Talks are going in with several prospective partners, who see a bright future for SidoMuncul products in their home markets, selling alongside domestically grown and extracted herbal supplements.

The company is ready to receive approaches from parties serious about importing or joint production of jamu in foreign markets, and welcomes inquiries. Jamu is a product particularly suited to cultivation in many countries and SidoMuncul looks forward to possible overseas production proposals. It is also expected that distribution and marketing in new and untried areas will yield rewards for enterprising partners internationally.