During the past several hundred years, there has been a "one-way" transfer of technology from West to East, as Asian nations absorbed knowledge of everything from steam engines to telegraphy to modern hygiene and European medical practice.

In the last half of the 20th Century, however, a curious reverse could be observed, as many serious Western scholars, researchers and students strove to learn the customs, religions, culture and wisdom of the East.

It has only been two decades or so since such venerable practices as acupuncture and shiatsu have been legally accepted in America and Europe, in spite of vigorous resistance by a suspicious medical establishment.

Today, many people are open to learn of natural cures and tonics, as they are of naturally grown and processed foods. This is all part of learning to live more in harmony with nature, and in healing according to the body's natural powers.

Its business strategy is based on cautious expansion, avoiding debt, building on what is already there and exerting every effort to maintain the precious trust and loyalty of its millions of customers.

Realizing that no product is useful until it is delivered, efficiently and economically, into the hands of the consumer, SidoMuncul is keenly committed to cooperative ventures in distribution with domestic and international partners. Every effort is made, on a steady basis, to improve the accuracy, timeliness and cost-effectiveness of SidoMuncul product distribution. Any potential partner who can make a meaningful contribution to this corporate goal is welcome to meet and consult together.

In a world of ever-increasing competition, smart marketing of products will often ensure their survival in the marketplace. SidoMuncul has an excellent name and loyal following throughout Indonesia and in the region; with similar devotion to smart marketing it is expected that the Company's products will find similar reception in world markets. Marketing is carried out with subtlety and respect for the consumer, as is appropriate for these high-quality, well-known herbal products.

Jamu, Health Drinks, & Food Supplements are well-known and relied upon in many countries , including Rusia & East European Countries, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Switzerland, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Aruba.

New markets are steadily opening, including prospects in Hongkong, Taiwan, Vietnam, New Zealand, Australia, France, and England.